The Atabey name is taken from the Supreme Deity of the Taino Indians who is believed to be the first female in the world. The Goddess Atabey was highly regarded by the now extinct Taino people, who occupied a large portion of the Caribbean Islands.

In Taino mythology, Atabey was also the mother of Yucahu, the main male God of the Tainos. She was revered as the Mother Goddess, Divinity of the Moon and the Sea of Fertility and Birth. She is also referred to as the Mother of Waters. Giving life to all the rivers, lakes and seas which in turn allow them the cultivation of cassava, tobacco and agriculture in general.

The Tainos paid their respects to the goddess through the bodies of frogs that she inhabited to protect women in labor and facilitate child birth. Images of her in caves drawn by the Indians depict her with large eyes and her legs spread open revealing her sex.

Atabey is usually worshipped at night during full moon ceremonies. The ceremonies include men of the tribe whose bodies are drawn and dressed to look like witches. They performed solemn dances around the leader and wizard of the tribe called the Bejique. Each participant had tobacco leaves rolled into the form of a cigar.

They aspired to reach a state of delirium by excessive smoke. When they did, they would blow the smoke over the wise leader in the middle of the circle. They believed that this would allow his divine powers to rise to heaven through this smoke.

The Atabey Line is made in very limited quantities in Costa Rica. However, they do not contain any Costa Rican Tobacco.

These luxury cigars can only be found in a few stores around the world that are certified by the manufacturer.